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-Pat Moulton
Pat Moulton's Baby Collection

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Check out the video… Pat Moulton sculpted the a new take on the NIRVANA cover album.

Matt Barnes - SPUK Pictures from Westside Studio on Vimeo.

a little about myself...

I am a Mother of three, two girls and one boy. I also am grandmother of four, three boys and one girl.

My husband, Garel, and my children have given me the best support and encouragement to follow my dream.

As an artist it has been a long and wonderful journey starting from a young age. The interest was always in the arts starting with drawing, oil painting, making bears, porcelain dolls, and finally sculpting. That is where I found my passion...

I have been sculpting for 28 years, but it was only eight years ago that I started to sculpt babies. From then on it has been what I love the best.

I wanted to share the passion I have experienced from my love of sculpting with others, and I have done that many ways. One is by by writing articles on how to sculpt and another with my new DVD on how to sculpt a baby. The DVD project was a fun one to do and I have been very happy with the overwhelming response.